Monday, October 16, 2006

So much for that!

For some reason the Maserati Biturbo has been growing on me. Honestly, I know there is no possibility that I could afford to maintain the thing. But I kept wondering what it would be like to drive it. So, after school today, the kids and I stopped by to take a test drive. When we arrived, the car was not out by the street. But we found it parked in the company's parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

To make a long story short, the company mechanic joined the kids and I on a short trip around the block. The lifters were making a lot of noise. The gas tank was almost empty. There were a couple of rusty spots and places where the paint was peeling around the rear window. In short, it wasn't as glamorous as I had remembered. The interior looked nice, though. Maserati covered the comfortable seats in two tone leather making the 22 year old car look pretty nice. But more imortant than looks, I was still wondering, "How would it drive?"

The first thing I noticed, as I backed it out of the parking spot, was that the car had no power steering. But after pulling up the hill and onto the road, handling didn't seem to be a problem. The gear shift pattern was a bit different than the Saab. Reverse was forward, first gear was down, and second was up and in the middle. That took a while to get used to. But after figuring out the pattern, I noticed that the car had very little power. With the pedal floored, the car didn't do much of anything. Third gear had some power, but nothing like the turbo boost I'm used to. No doubt the twin turbos needed to be rebuilt.

After talking with the mechanic, I found out that the owner of the car had several cars that needed work. There were three Mercedes Benz cars in the parking lot which he had worked on for the owner. That made me think that maybe the fellow hadn't taken care of the Maserati. I really don't know. But I do know this. If I had $3500 to spend, I would not buy this car. It would probably take that much and more to get the car back up to speed.

Conclusion: I think I'll stick to Saabs.


Swade said...

Hey, not many people out there who can say they've test driven a Maserati!

Top Gear have done a few stories where they buy a cheap old supercar and they're always very entertaining. The cars consistently fail to live up to the romantic expectations.

Andy Rupert said...

To be honest, I've never watched Top Gear. But you're right about not living up to the expectations I had.

There's much to be said about contentment.