Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Reason

While a Maserati would have been a distinctive replacement for one of our vehicles, I have again been convinced that the Saab 900 has a look that most people notice as they drive through life. Mind you, I'm not trying to get looks, but the car does stand out in a crowd.

This morning, as I was taking the kids to school, we saw our church secretary on the other side of the traffic light at Richmond and Stage in Painesville. As we turned down Stage, we waved and headed on our way. Little did we know that seeing our car was just what she needed. Let me explain.

Since last week, the Newell Street railroad crossing and the Richmond Street gully (Grand River) have been closed for repairs. So, we have been taking the alternate route to school by way of Blackbrook Road. This seems to be the best way in because Route 2 traffic has backed up all the way to the Jackson Street on ramp on Route 44!

Poor Cindy. After trying to avoid the Route 2 traffic, she was stopped by the Richmond Street repair work. When our cars met at the traffic light, she was on the cell phone calling our pastor to find another way in to church. Enter the Saab. As she was conversing with pastor, she said, "Oh wait, there's Pastor Rupert's Saab. I'll just follow him in." Apparently, that's not the only time this has happened. A new school family had some trouble as well until the kids said, "Hey, that's Pastor Rupert's Saab!"

There you go: another reason to buy a Saab.

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KatriniZambini said...

There was a Saab with a cloth roof across the lane in the parking garage at Methodist hospital yesterday afternoon. I thought of you.