Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mystery Car VII

My youngest son and I returned some roofing material to Lowe's today. On the way back, we drove through a few used car lots looking for interesting cars. We found a 1989 BMW 525i for $2500. The only problem was that it didn't have a gas tank. A few cars down from it was a rusty, white Chevy Corvair from the late 60's. What made it stand out was the solid concrete block on the front trunk lid. I know they had problems with weight distribution, but that's going a bit far!

Not having the camera with us hindered us from using either of those easily identified cars for this week's Mystery Car. So, I browsed eBay Motors for interesting vehicles. This particular "truck" would be a fun one to drive, but with a puny engine, it would not be powerful enough to haul much of anything. Any guesses?

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Floppy Top said...

Mystery Car VII is a 1961 Morris Minor Pickup with a puny 948 cc engine! It was listed for sale on eBay for $850. Any takers?