Friday, September 29, 2006

Fuel Filter Revisited

The service writer at Conrad's scared me when I set up the appointment for Thursday. He said, they would do their best to take off the filter, but if the lines broke, I would have to replace them with dealer lines. After checking with Classic Saab, they quoted me $79 for one side and $130 for the other. Yikes! There's gotta be a better way. So, I talked with NAPA on Jackson Street and they said they could piece together something with high pressure lines and an inline filter. That was a nice offer, but I'd rather stick to OEM if I can.

So, Wednesday evening, with the appointment scheduled for Thursday morning, I did two things. First, I jacked up the car and sprayed the bolts with a liberal coating of PB Blaster. Second, during prayer time at our teen youth group (which we just started leading recently), I asked the teens to pray for the repair to be successful.

Trent and I drove the car over Thursday morning and walked back to the house. It's only a mile or less from our house to Conrad's. It didn't take long for them to call back. It was a success! So, Katie and I walked over and picked it up. We (the three kids and I) later drove it to Madison and back (while Sharon was shopping) to test the fuel delivery and performance. It seems to be doing much better. Hurrah!

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