Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happily After Three Afters

After replacing the rotors and pads on both rear wheels, our Saab 900 began to make a strange brake grind at low speeds. At times it could be alleviated by pulling the emergency brake to the first click. But at other times that only made it sound worse. The rain kept me from examing things on my day off, so I attempted to do something about it this afternoon.

After jacking up the car and removing the left, rear wheel, the two neighbor girls (ages 5 and 7) decided to strike up a coversation. I was a captive audience; but it turned out to be quite enjoyable. They told me about loose teeth, apple seeds, and school mates. One even offered a bite of her apple. We also talked about the Bible cartoons they had watched. One of them liked the story about Christ's resurection the best.

After all the work was completed, the brakes still made that grinding sound—even after (1) tightening and/or loosening the caliper piston adjusting screw, and (2) disconnecting the emergency brake cables to both sides. Oh well, I may just have to give in to my dad's suggestion and take it to a mechanic. It may be that the calipers are sticking? Let me know if you have any ideas.

But happily after three afters the Lord enabled me to solve another non-related problem which had perplexed me for some time. Remember those passive restraint systems that came out just before airbags? These were the seatbelt systems that were supposed to automatically move the shoulder belt across your body when you start the car. Our belts have not worked since we purchased the car last May. While checking the emergency brake cables under the rear seat, I found a wire dangling by itself. After searching for a while, I felt (couldn't see it) an empty connector on the bottom side of a relay box. Sure enough, that was the problem. Now my seatbelt works!

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