Friday, February 10, 2006

Mystery Car I

During the summer of 1993, I served as a summer intern at Marion Baptist Church near Delphos, Ohio. "Grandma & Grandpa" Plikerd allowed me to live in their home that summer. One evening, I went to bed early and awoke to something outside my second story window. One of the teens from the youth group had climbed onto the roof and was knocking on my window. That seemed a bit strange, but there were times when I was invited to help with farm tasks, so I got dressed and walked down the stairs.

I can still hear Grandma yelling, "Call 9-9-1! Call 9-9-1!" She was a bit disoriented and thought it was burglars outside. But Grandpa knew better and decided to dial a different number. He took down his shotgun and headed for the back door. I quickly explained to them that it was their grandchildren playing a trick of some kind. But he decided to shoot the thing anyway. After one shot into the air, I heard the kids screaming and running for cover. That's when I decided to walk out.

My car was teepeed and wrapped with plastic wrap! And to make it even more fun, they had greased the door handles. This was no doubt retribution for the tee pee parties I had taken part in when I was a teen. What a way to start off the summer! I finally met up with the teens and . . . we planned who we would get next. What fun!

Contrary to popular belief, I have owned cars other than SAABs. Can you guess the make and model of this elegant vehicle?

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