Monday, January 16, 2006

The Key to a Good Conversation

A month ago, Sharon lost her keys and I replaced her key to the Saab 9000. As a dealer only part, I parted with $70 for a pair of keys. Today, after having bent one of our two keys to the Turbo, Jefferson and I visited the dealership to have a new key made. Being an older car, it only cost $14. What a deal! What ever happened to 99¢ keys?

After visiting the waiting room for a free Cappuccino and a hot chocolate, the two of us walked through the show room. Classic Saab is also a Pontiac, GMC, and Cadillac dealer. So, the salesman opened the hood and roof of a new Pontiac Solstice for us. That was a neat little car but not practical for a family larger than two. Then we visited the Saab show room. After asking a few questions, the salesmen began to appear from nowhere. (They must have been bored.) We talked about the future of Saab, the cost of buying a Saab franchise (this one cost a mere $600,000), the demise of the Saabaru, and the possibility of the soon to be revealed Sonett IV.

By the end of the conversation, three salesmen and an executive had joined the conversation. While I could bore you with more details about our conversation, I must admit that something just occurred to me. I had the attention of four people for approximately fifteen minutes. For the entire time, they were very interested in talking to me. Why did I not take that opportunity to speak to them about Christ? That wasn't good. I guess the key to a good conversation is making sure you talk about what really matters. I need to remember that next time.

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